1. labcut:

    Get lucky!

  2. (Source: gootir, via yutaiguchi)

  3. enochliew:

    17 Gadigal Avenue by Collins and Turner Architects

    The sheets have fewer holes on the north side of the fold to limit the sun and more on the south side for light, air and view.

    (Source: collinsandturner.com)

  4. fiore-rosso:

    Albert Exergian.

  6. enochliew:

    DPS Kindergarden School by Khosla Associates

    Designed for a school franchise, so a simple language was created that could be adapted to different site conditions.

  7. enochliew:

    Saunahaus by Bernardo Bader Architects

    Timber slat façades function as louvres, and the gaps between the slats only increase on the upper floors to ensure privacy.

  8. fiore-rosso:

    diane lange.

  9. polkip:


    My new design for Society6

    All products featured, and more, available from my Society6 shop.


  10. maderadearquitecto:



    Casa Petrini Villani / Antonella Mari & Matteo Lorusso

    The façade consists of screening panels in wooden tiles on metal frames, which is an addition to the existing structure.

    (via architectura)

  12. enochliew:

    Moleskine Illustrations by Lex Wilson

    He’s a self-proclaimed ‘obsessive compulsive illustrator’.

  13. enochliew:

    W41 House by Warmarchitects

    Varied fenestration of the rooms offer changing light qualities.

  14. enochliew:

    Scoreboard by We Do Wood

    The graphical coat hanger was designed to interact and diversify through countless possibilities.

  15. minimalistmatt:

    lili lite by studio smeets design

    (via yutaiguchi)